Monday, April 27, 2009

Reid's First Cereal and Race for the Cure

Last Sunday Reid had his first taste of cereal. We had to go but organic cereal because everything else had soy in the ingredients. He seemed to do okay with it. I think the girls had more fun than he did. They were so excited to be able to feed him his first foods. I talked to the pediatrician and she said instead of waiting 3-5 days in between introducing new foods we have to wait 7-10 days from one food to the next after he masters cereal. I do have to admit I did cheat last night after work I had an Oreo cookie but I was needing something chocolate and the cake recipe I got off the Internet was horrible...I mean HORRIBLE. Never ever have to wonder what chocolate covered Eath tastes like again. I am so glad I will be able to check that off my list LOL.Bella did such a great job feeding him. She even cleaned him up between bites. His face was missing the first layer after she was done.Bella seemed to like the cereal.
Abby after she tasted the ceral. She did not like it what so ever. She than got mad I was taking a picture of her not liking the cereal.

We also did Race for the Cure this last Saturday. We walked for my friend Jasmine. The girls walked almost the entire way which is a glorious feet for Bella, my child who does not like to get sweaty. We walked as a family and with some friends. It was wonderful to see how many people turned out for such a great cause.
When trying to explain why we were walking for Mrs. Jasmine, I said she had some bad tissue in her boob they had to take out. She said well mom why are we not walking for you? So than I had to explain that yes mommy had bad tissue in her boob but Mrs. Jasmine's tissue was really bad. So my sweet Bella said "Mom I am going to walk for Mrs. Jasmine and you and me so I don't have bad tissue in my boob someday."
I just love that girl. She is so tender hearted. Always thinking
We came home from the race and took a long much needed nap.

By the way we found out today that Bella passed her Ballet exams. We are so proud of her. She will get a certificate at the recital this year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bella's Cecchetti Exams

The night before her exam I brought her home a HUGE kiss. She was so excited. She loves, Loves, Loves chocolate. She is a girl after my own heart. She said mom is this for good luck in the morning? I said yes Bella lets just not eat the whole thing.

Bella had her first Ballet Exam this weekend and she did a wonderful job. I am so very proud of her. She looked like a real ballerina. We drove to Joplin, MO with one of her friends that was also testing. We won't find out if she passed until later this week so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Did I mention how proud I am of her?


We decorated eggs like usual at the last minute when I got home from work on Saturday night. I am guessing better late than never. I did not get a picture of the eggs after they all dried because DAVID threw them away before I could get my camera out. The girls were soooo mad.

It was such a beautiful rainy Easter this year and needless to say I did not get great pictures of the kids but oh well. The Easter Bunny was very good to the kids this year. He always leaves a trail of Eggs from the front door to the living room each time he hops eggs fall out of his basket. Bella gets so excited about it. This year he left money in some of the eggs. A penny goes a long way when you are 4 and 6 :) Even Reid got a chocolate bunny. Let me tell you he was so excited. On the sunny days outside Reid, Abby and I walk to Bella's school and pick her up so the Easter Bunny got the girls scooters to ride on so they can keep up with my long legs haha.

After church on Sunday we went to my mom's house and instead of an egg hunt the kids decorated cupcakes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Abby is going to give me gray hair UGGGG

So lets see how my Good Friday actually turned out:
I woke up got the girls hair done for school and sent them out the door with David for the day. I crawled back into bed since I was up most of the night and Reid was asleep. Ahhh silence. The phone rings its David..mmmm Abby doesn't have school today it's Good Friday. Well there goes my restful do whatever I want run errands kind of day.
Abby comes home I st her up in the living rom with TV and a snack by the fire so I can take a shower and get ready while Reid is still asleep.
I jump in the shower, get out put my hair in a towel put my robe on to go check on Abby so the neighbors don't get scared you know. She's not in the living room.....So I call her name ... there is no answer. I look to the garage door and it is open wide along with the garage door being open... OMG.
I run frantically around the house tearing up beds screaming her name and there is no answer. I run outside screaming her name No Answer. (Yes I am wearing JUST my robe at this time still) I run across the street to the neighbors she is not there I go to the next door neighbors she is not there. (I am running with NO BRA) Run back inside I am hysterical at this point crying trying to figure out what she is wearing and thinking that every second counts so I need to go ahead and call the police. It has been 10 minutes now. I dial 911...Ring....
What do my eyes see coming around the corner...A smiling little girl with curls...WHAT....
I hung up the phone scooped her up. She said she was hiding under the pillow beside my bed. I was shacking so hard I couldn't have spanked her if I wanted to.
Needless to say I was thinking I needed a stiff drink by 830 this morning.
Good things that happened: I did find he girls easter shoes, purchased the Easter Bunny gift, picked up ther new beds and got the chandieler for their new room.

Hope your day started off better than mine. Thank God she came out of her hiding spot before I alerted the local media to come film me in my Red Robe...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mommy and Me Easter party and a HUGE announcement for the CHESNUTTS

We had our Easter party at Mommy and Me today. Abby loved it, Reid was so excited he fell asleep from all the hype. Tucker and Abby went around with Reid's Easter basket to collect eggs for him. Reid's basket is a handy me down from Cooper and Tucker. Tuck was so excited to give it to him because he gets a big boy Easter basket now :) Abby was really upset we were going to the Easter party and she wasn't getting to wear her Easter dress. So I let her pick out her own clothes.. Oops she said it looked very Eastery...a black shirt with Bella's blue shirt over it and jeans. I looked at her and thought.. Ah ha SPRING

Now for the big announcement

ABBY GOT HER HAIRCUT....THIS HAS BEEN 4 LONG YEARS IN THE MAKING. I really wanted to take her to a salon and get big girl pictures and she said no they would make her look like a boy and the only way she would do it was if I did it. So tonight I cut her hair. I ended up taking a picture of her curls I cut off instead of trying to save them because honestly I would probably loose them. I had to get her haircut before her brother did. LOL She said that tomorrow when she goes to school she know Miss Jessica will say Oh Abby did you get your haircut? It looks fabulous. I just really needed to post this before someone else posted there kids first haircut and they were under the age of 1.

Bella had her practice for dance tonight and she did great. I am so proud of her she is so good. I mean I still cant walk a straight line and she can while walking on her toes.