Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

So after Christmas I will catch up on my blogging Esp Reids party. We got hit with sickness and all of my holiday rush orders and just life I am soooo behind.
But for now have a Merry Christmas

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Friday, December 4, 2009

HaPpY bIrThDaY

Oh my how time flies. I am a ittle saddened today knowing that my last baby is already one. I feel like he is only 6 months old simply becasue I do not remember the first six months of his life. It is all a tad bit too blurry. No i was not on drugs....It was purley lack of sleep with 2 other kids. You are so loved little monkey. Lets see:

You are soooooo very different from your sisters...yes they were active, well at least I thought they were, until you came along. You are into EVERYTHING. On a daily basis you empty out at least thress different cabinets 6 or more times each. I can not keep anything picked up long enough before you are onto your next adventure.

You are super, super allergic to eggs...and have a little GI bleeding with the milk and soy that they say will be better after you turn tomorrow you should be fine :P

You are a very good boy....I was so afreaid to put up the christmas tree and so far so good...You walk up to the tree, look at it and point we say no and you walk away (fingers crossed) you will stay that way.
You weight a little over 18lbs, but since you have been sick the last two days I am sure you weigh less today.

We have already turned you around in your carseat, I think you are happier that way.

I would not EVER choose to relive the last year but I am sad to see it has gone by so quickly.

Your sisters love you so much.
You can say :
daw (DOG)
Woo (Woof)
Ah...That means alot of different things....Pretty much if you say this your sisters....and your papa...will take you to whatever you want. It is sooooo stinking funny.

Monday, November 30, 2009


As always it never fails as I am finally getting caught up and coasting in.....I get sick and am down for days. So now I am sooo behind. I have so much to do this week it is crazy....Yes I am procrastinating right now. We have a BIG...HUGE event this week. Reid is turning one..Seriously ONE already. I feel like he is only about 6 months old because that is all I really remember anyways...AM I Right? I am making everything..even the cake because why? Oh yeas he would be the one who is allergic to milk, soy and Eggs....Ahhh the lucky mom :) Anyways I hope to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow if little monkey cooperates with me...I am doing most of it for him!!!

I am also doing an open house, well 2 this weekend, for my business...Yes I am insane. Thursday and Friday is in my neighborhood and Sunday is in my friends neighborhood. Oh did I mention Bela and Abby are also in the Bentonville Christmas parade on Saturday...MMMM I wonder what else I can squeeze in I am sure I have a few 30 minutes blocks throughout the week.

Who has time for my real job? I guess I am going to have to squeeze a day of work in there as well.

Hope everyone has a productive week this week also.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We have a walker...

So I have a feeling that in the next few weeks my house is going to go from a wreck to a total wreck...He is offically walking all over the place. He can stand up from the sitting position and go from one mess to another. He is so happy when heis walking like he is so proud of himself. Oh and the girls love it!!! They love having hom walk from one sister to the next. Live entertainment all the time.

We had some family pictures made on Sunday ,yes in the rain, and after these are some I got I love these this is our life everyday....And how awesome Reid is crying LOL.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival

So I am a little behind on the posting. It has been so crazy that is new or something. Ha! So e will start with hte Fal cArnival we had at our Church on Sunday October 25th. It was only a week ago but Whew...alot has happened. So our Family costumes were Hippies and Love Child. Abby did not want to be a hippie..she wanted to be a "Love Child" like Reid. I am a little partial but I love the way they turned out!!! It was so hard to choose what pictures to put on here so there will be a ton of pictures. I can't believe how beautiful Bella looked. I saw my little girl grow up in these pictures and I am not ready for that at all.....

All these girls can't keep there hands off of the Love Child..HaHaMy Granny Red head was in town to see all of the kiddo dressed up. Bella sai she was the luckiest girl in the world becasue her Granny stayed the night withus. Such a sweet girl. She alo came to dance class to see the girls dance. We will see her again n March when we head to Louisiana for a wedding.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunny side up, over Easy, Fried , Boiled or Scrambled

Well lets see this was supposed to be my uneventful week. Next week was supposed to be the exciting one. But little did I know everything changed. So Wednesday I went to work as scheduled and David was out of town. About 3 o'clock my charge nurse came over and asked if I wanted to go home and I went back and forth and than decided I would since Reid had been pulling on his ears and fussy and it would be easier to go ahead and get the girls home and ready for bed sooner. So I went to get the kids form my moms and we decided to stay for dinner and the kids wanted grits and eggs. Abby and Bella helped cook Reid was in his high chair playing. Life was good

We sit down to eat I put some eggs on Reid's high chair and go about eating I looked over at him and said "Does he look Red to you" No my dad said he as tired and rubbing his eyes. Okay

Take a bite of food..Look back over

Reid is now clawing his face which is now RED and SWOLLEN. I mean the inside of his eyes were bright Red

we rip him out of the high chair my mom goes to my sisters to get Benadryl we stick him in the bath tub to get the egg off of him. Now while in the bathtub he looks a little better.

20 minutes after we give him the benadryl my dad is holding him and he said Kerri he is breathing really funny...I look at Reid and he is white as a ghost and than he turned BLUE.

We jump in my van as I am vigorously stimulating him and he takes a breath and we are off.

Arrive to the ER I tell the check in person what happened and I hear the nurse in the back ground,,,We have a baby chocking?

She calls us back and I tell her what happened she looks at me and says so you are telling me he was chocking on eggs????? WHAT I said no he had an allergic reaction to eggs she looks at me and tells me if he was having an allergic reaction he still would be????WHAT I treated him at home but he stopped breathing...

Walk back to the exam room and now we got a real smart doctor on this one guys......

Doc: So you are telling me he had eggs once before and didn't have a problem with it.

ME: Yes sir well than I don't see why he turned blue?

Doc: So you are telling me he turned blue mam?

ME:Yes, he had an allergic reaction to eggs

Doc: Okay, Okay well lets see. Has he thrown up recently pr had a fever or cough or runny nose?

ME: No he doesn't have the swine flu..He did throw up the eggs and where the egg touched him he got whelps everywhere..(But since no one has been in here for the last 45 minutes they are gone)

after 3 hours of them doing nothing except checking his pulse ox 3 times and giving him Decadron the doctor comes back in.

Doc: Well I am not sure what is going on but I think he is too young to have an allergic reaction to anything specific and he ad eggs once before.

ME: Laugh

Doc: What

Me: Nothing we have a doctors appointment in the morning we will be fine may I have my discharge papers (IDIOT) no i didn't call him that but I wanted to.

Thank GOD he ruled out swine flu what a relief.....

We went to the allergist..Thankfully we had our 6 month follow up appointment already scheduled. Oh she was so mad they told us he didn't have a food allergy esp since he is already allergic to dairy and soy. And really mad they didn't send us home with an Epi Pen or even give us Epi....We now have Epi Pens and have been instructed since he had a huge reaction we need to keep it with us at all times and anyone who cares for him has to know how to use the pen and what his Allergy action plan is......
This boy is going to give me gray hair sooner rather than later.

We will have his lab drawn in three weeks to see what his food allergy levels are since when you have an allergic reaction you use up all your antibodies so ......

Here is to next week and all the excitement it will bring HAHAHAHAHA

Monday, October 12, 2009

What was that...did I hear that right?

Yeap I did he said MaMa..Whoooo after all I have done for you, you finally said it. Yes I was a little jealous he said papa and dada first since after all. I have nursed you for 10 months now, I carried you for 9 months before that and I have cut out all dairy and soy for the past 9 months with a few slip ups of coarse.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tailgating.....Go Hogs Go

So I have never participated in Kelly's Show Us your Life So I thought I would join in the fun this time. Esp since I didn't blog about our tailgating.. So here we go.

I will say I haven't always been a Razorback fan but when you live here and get sucked in you just can't fight it anymore. Esp when your husband won't let you mention LSU in your house :)

We have season tickets to the game with some friends of ours but with three kids to tag along. This year I thought it would be great just to take them to tailgate and than let the hubby take a kid and I would take the others and go home. Since I am still nursing it does work out a little better for me. I do have to go to the South Carolina game since our friends the Walkers we share tickets with have a trader ...Jasmine ..among them so we have to root on our Team. She has asked me to make a Hog vs Carolina shirt and bow for Sydney....mmmm maybe I should make the Hog bigger than the Gamecock.

Our kids loved tailgating it was a first for our whole family. We go early and make a day out of it. One couple has a special Razorback grill made. Another has a couple of tents. And another has the big screen television we can watch other games while we tailgate.

Riley holding Another one of the Chesnutt kids right on her hip :)
Reid and Sydney in the pack and play

Trying to get a picture of the four kids...didn't work so well. One out of four looking at the camera..

The wonderful shirt I made minutes before the game...after she played in the mud. Maybe should have made a black shirt. Ha. Oh and she took out her bow so she wouldn't get it dirty. I asked her how she was going to get the bow dirty..she said when I take it out with my dirty hands. HaHa. Smart Girl

Reid and his PaPa...doing some Man Up time.

Nanny and Reid.....My mom decided she would come tailgate with us and than head home with us as well. We are Fair weather Fans. Ha

My sweet Bella has no interest in attending any games. She sad she likes to tailgate and play with the babies oh yeah and the food was really good as well.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's All About Choices

Bella has been saving her money from her allowance every week to be able to go to the American Girl Doll Fashion show that was in town this weekend. And she was so excited. Than she heard about the CIRCUS. So I gave her the choice....Okay we can either"
1.)Me, You and Abby go to the American Doll Fashion Show and not be able to buy any of the stuff that they are going to have for sale that we are really going to want to buy.
2.) Save our money and we an but your doll an outfit online.
3.) Saturday we can all go as a family to the Pumpkin Patch and but some pumpkins and than on Sunday we can all as a family go to the not join the circus go to the circus :)
She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said mom this is a really hard decision. I want to do it all. (Thanks Dave Ramsey----Financial Peace Workshop) I said I know you do but we have to make a choice. Whooo she picked #3.
This weekend has been so much fun with the kids. We were busy from the time we woke up till we went to bed.
Friday Bella had her Fall Carnival at school that started at 430 and that was when we got there. It was so much fun watching the kids run around like crazy playing with there friends. Bella had a birthday party to go to after the carnival and Abby went home with her friend Channing after we went to dinner because she thinks she is so big.

Saturday we gathered our children from around the city haha got them ready and went to the pumpkin patch with the Bowman kids. Abby said her favorite part about the pumpkin patch was throwing the hay up in the air and trying to catch it oh and getting her picture taken a lot. Ha

Bella said her favorite part was getting to buy pumpkins. I am not quit sure where these kids get it from. Reid said his favorite part was getting to drool all over the pumpkins...
Than we came home to watch the Razorback game. Whooo. They WON. Our neighbors came over. They have 3 kiddos and our girls just love to play with them.
Sunday we went to church came home took a quick nap and than off to the CIRCUS. We had Madison with us ad we had a great time. The girls got to ride the elephant. I will have to say the Master Manipulator was kinda freaky looking...A young boy with blue spandex on twisting in every direction you can think off...I think you get the picture. When we got home I again asked the girls what there favorite part of the CIRCUS was and Abby said it was Alex the clown when he fell of the trampoline and got hurt and stuck...Yeap she is my child. Bella's favorite part was riding the elephants and the gymnastic girls. Reid didn't answer me when I asked him.

Oh yeah by the way he is 10 months old today. I can not believe how time is flying by right in front of me. He is taking a few steps. But I think he would rather run than waste his time with this whole walking thing.
So back to making choices story. When we got home from the circus Extreme Home Makeover was on and Bella was attentively watching the show. I went ahead and got in the bath tub. After the show was over she came in the bathroom and said mom. I am very blessed to have a home and clothes and a chance to go to the CIRCUS. If I had to choose I would give all of my piggy bank money to someone that doesn't have any. (TEARS) I said that is a wonderful choice Bella. I bet this Christmas we can help someone out that doesn't have as much as we do. She said I would love to mom. ***** Abby***** Yeap mom I used to be blessed when I was little but I'm not anymore. ****Bella**** Abby you are still very blessed.

I hope you all have a blessed week. I know mine has already !!!!! I am so glad we did a family weekend.