Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Pictures

Since Cade has been born I have had the kids pictures made but I haven't had any of the family done. So tonight was the night.... Let's say getting 4 kids ready plus myself before 530 which means David wasn't home from work yet, Was a challenge. But so glad I did. I think these pictures turned out great. Especially considering Cade did not have his afternoon nap and Reid was well himself. Bella was looking at the pictures and said wow mom I didn't realize how pretty I looked. Go check Amber out at Three Bees Photography

I will have to give David some credit here. I had wanted to go to Francescia's earlier today but never made it over there because Reid's doctors appointment was an hour behind. So I got on the website took a picture of the necklace I wanted and sent it to him. And jokingly said go pick this up and also grab me some cute shoes in a size 7. The necklace was perfect but he couldn't find shoes to match:). Hey I got the necklace so SCORE.

So Reid had his follow up with Growth and Development today and we got to go to the Lowell clinic instead of driving all the way to little Rock. And it was a great visit. He is small yes I know we are all short but he was on his own growth curve and fell off of it. So we have been being followed. So for the first time in 18 months.... He weighs more than 24lbs. He is 26.2 lbs so instead of 6% for weight for height he is 30% for weight for height!!!! Such a great number to hear. Let's not count the very full bladder he had. They have tested this sweet guy for a ton of stuff which all thankfully has come back negative. But just still concerned about his poop. So they are testing him for Celiac. And pretty much still follow up on height. The doctor was very apologetic about being late. I reassured him this was fine. I only had one child with me and it was rather relaxing.
After his visit it was just mommy and Reid and this never happens it was great. We went to McDonald's and had a late lunch date.

Than for being such a good boy at the doctor and for only screaming a little we headed to where else but wal-Mart to get what else a Captain America shield and action figure. He protected me the rest of the day.

On the way to start rounding up the other kids to get ready for pictures he said, mommy do you just love your alone time with me? I said yes Reid I do. He said me too mommy... I just wove you... He totally melted my heart. I would have bought him more Captain America things had he said that before we got to the store;). Love this little man.
Tonight as I was getting ready for bed and noticed several new pictures on my phone yes sweet Bella and Avery hijacked my phone this morning so here is a small sample !!!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012


It has been a very long time since I have blogged. life has been extremely crazy at the Chesnutt house. I am going to try this again. Try and be more consistent since having 4 kids to try and remember things about I need to have some way to document it all.

This summer to try and keep everyone from driving me crazy I have decided to put together a summer program/ mommy boot camp. I of coarse found the idea on pinterest, and I have pinned so many ideas I'm not sure who to give credit to.
The girls were super excited this morning to start. I am 100% sure the newness will wear off and I will meet some resistance but I am going to put my foot down after all we have 13 weeks of summer vacation this year.
This week our scripture is :

Today our Masterpiece Monday we are making bookmarks out of paper clips and ribbon. I thought I would start out easy since I don't want to overwhelm myself. Unfortunately it didn't overwhelm the kids either they were finished in 5 minutes....

Hopefully tomorrow will go as good as today.. Crossing my fingers and toes.