Friday, May 29, 2009


Well summer is almost here 2 more days of school left for Ms. Bella. I can not wait for her to be home from school se we can make the most of the sunshine. We have joined our neighborhood pool. Today I took the kids after I did not drop the kids off at the pool.. LOL sorry.

Tomorrow is Bella and Abby's Dance recital so beware of pictures to come. I think I am as excited as them and Bella doesn't know it but she gets an award at the end for passing her checchetti exams. Go Bella.

These pictures really dont have anything to do with the post just some really cute pictures I have taken recently.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This past few weeks have been nothing out of the ordinary Crazy Chesnutt times. Mom was in the hospital for a few days with pancreatitis and than just out normal hectic schedule so I am going to try and do a little catching up.

This last Friday Bella had her Fairy Tale Ball at school. She was Little Red Riding Hood. I do have to say so myself she was the cutest kid. The kids came to school dressed up and than paraded around the "Kingdom"(Hallways) to the "Ball" (cafeteria) the did 3 dances and than back to the classroom for a Tea party. It was really cute.

Saturday we had Coopers Birthday party and he wanted to go hiking at Devils Den for his party. Well I packed up the kids and we were off plus 3 extras in my car. Oh my GIRLS are never quite. 5 girls plus Reid bless his heart this is all he has to look forward too. David had to go get lumber and siding for the house so he didn't attend the rainfall hike. Bella and Abby had fun. Bella went into the cave as we waited outside. It was a good time but I wouldn't recommend it with a child strapped in front of you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

We had a great weekend, a fun afternoon with the girls. We met my Sister and Macie Jane at the nail place and got a mani-pedi. The girls were so excited. They picked out their own colors. Bella got turq with white dots and Abby got Red with white dots, for Christmas.

I am really wishing it would please, please stop raining. We can not do anything else on our house addition until there is no rain for THREE days. I am trying to be patient but seriously. I read in the newspaper that this has been the wettest Arkansas has been since 1882. Why not next year when we are not adding on. I want some sunshine.
Reid has his first real food: Carrots. Needless to say I can tell you it is not his favorite. But since he has to wait 10 days in between trying new foods. Hopefully he will take a liking to it.

yes he is actually gagging in this picture. I think he was totally glad when I stopped trying to feed it to him. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reids 5 month check up

So there are not any pictures on this post. I am simply to tired to walk in the other room right now.
Today we took Reid to the Doctor to get a 5 month check up. Most babies do not get a check up at 5 months but we are special. LOL
Weight: 13lbs 0.6 oz
Length 24.5 inches

EARS: Double ear infection--just smiling and talking to the doctor no fever.

The doctor said he is advanced for his age and will probably be walking early. She asked did your other kids walk early I said yes of coarse. Bella walked at 9 months and Abby walked at 10.5 she would have walked earlier but she had a broken femur from falling off the bed at 9 months. I was on my way to Lane's baby shower and left the shower take Abby to the hospital. OOPs. Than said do you mind checking him over really good....He fell off the bed this morning. I left him and Abby asleep together on the bed. I jumped in the bath and dint even wash my hair. Needless to say he is fine and I WON YET ANOTHER MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD TODAY. So ladies step aside.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craziness at the Chesnutt's

My house has literally been turned upside down. We have started adding on to our house to make room for all of us and for David's man room. Well lets see we have three holes where the workers have stepped through the ceiling..Nice I know.

It will be great when it is all finished. But for now Please hurry

The girls original room has the carpet pulled up from water getting in.

This weekend we moved Reid out of his room and I moved my sewing room to his room so he now is homeless until we get the addition finished because he will go in the girls old room. The girls are moving upstairs.

My house looks like a bomb went off inside of it. If it would ever stop raining they could finish it. But once again the 7 days I have on my outlook shows nothing but rain. UGG

So I thought I would post some pictures of the kids having fun. Hope there is sunshine coming our way soon.