Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Gonna Live Forever...

I feel like I haven't stopped in the last couple of week to do anything other than check facebook and read a few blogs here and there. Between dance and work and life oh yeah and trying to put some sleep in there at least every once in awhile I tried to do a post last week and some how only some random pictures appeared.....
My sister wanted to know what the picture of the toilet was for and why I had it on my blog in the first place..So Abby was supposed to be watching Reid for me and she apparently was not doing a very good job Ha. I walked into the bathroom and he had put the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and was (GAG) chewing on the toilet bowl brush...GROSS. Took the brush away from him ND brushed his teeth with a real tooth brush than took the picture. Abby got fired and is no longer allowed to babysit. Ha

This last weekend our dance studio was having a fundraiser for the competition team and we went and saw the movie FAME. It was awesome. I am glad that the girls were young enough not to get some of the story line though.

Abby has had her First black eye..and hopefully only black eye. We had garage sales in our neighbor hood this weekend and Bella was getting her piggy bank down to go shopping and dropped it on Abby's eye....See money gets you in trouble all the time...

On Tuesday night Reid took his first 2 steps and now he just gets so excited he flops his arms up in the air to take off and than takes a nose dive onto the ground. He is to funny.

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us. So I had to get this stuff finally blogged about so I can blog about what is coming up next...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Woo Pig Sooie

So what does ever mother do before they get their kids ready to go tailgating....make sure their kids have an appropriate outfit to wear....oops. Totally forgot to make my girls the Razorback shirts I had planned on making. So Right now I have shirts on the embroidery machine for them. David said he is going to leave me here if I am not ready....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Loser

Right now I am holding my sweet, sweet baby watching the Biggest Loser from last night....My heart just broke listening to Abby Rike's story. She is a 35 y/o teacher from Texas and 2.5 years ago her husband and 2 kids were killed in a car accident. She said "she has to believe that she was not in that car from a reason, she has to believe she is here for something bigger"
I couldn't imagine. I hope she wins...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So I will spare you the pictures on this one....
Sunday Reid's ear started draining ....Gross....It was full of blood and pus all I can say is nasty. Which I know is normal after tubes, but Sunday night he started running a fever of 102.6 so I knew that was not normal. We already had a doctor's appointment for the morning since we were getting his stitches removed. So after they tied him down to a papus board and cut his stitches they SUCKED out his ear. He was needless to say less than happy about that. The little Houdini got his arms out of the papus. We started another oral antibiotic and ear drops for 7 days so let the diarrhea begin:)
See I told you you wouldn't want to see pictures:)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Do you remember what you were doing 8 years ago today when the world trade center went up in smoke?
I do.
I was at Clinical's at Washington Regional Medical Center. I was on the pediatric floor and we had no clue what was going on until a little boy who was in the room alone called out on his call light saying he was scared. There was a scary movie on the TV. Well it was not a movie at all, nor a bad dream. It was reality.
We must never forget about the men and women who lost there lives that day. And what we are fighting for everyday.
Freedom for US,
Freedom for our KIDS
Freedom for the FUTURE

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soy and Dairy Free Butter

So back in May I read that this company was coming out with Dairy and Soy Free butter and I have been (UN)patiently waiting it's arrival. And of coarse it is still no where to be found around here. I have found it online but since it is refrigerated they don't ship it uggg. I mean I even considered at this point driving to Miami or California and doing some major grocery shopping. So today I went to Cook's grocery store and talked to the lady behind the counter and they carry other items by this company so they are going to order me some:) When she asked me how many I wanted...I was thinking like 1-3 cases haha. But I said 2-3 tubs. I haven't had buttered bread since like January. You may find me under he table eating the tub of butter. I am so excited I can hardly wait. I just keep thinking of all the things I can eat butter on....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tubes for Reid

I told the girls to make a sad face before we loaded up the car.

He was so happy before we loaded up the car.

Ooops..spoke too soon. As soon s I buckled him in his carseat he got so mad, bless his heart.
So Reid got tubes this morning and a lump on the side of his face removed. Right now he is asleep in my arms. Ahhh a day to do nothing ut hold my sweet spoiled baby boy. So this morning we had to get the girls up early and bring them to my neighbors since we had to be at Mercy 102 @630 this morning.Papa was at home with Abby when we got home and Reid was so happy to see him.