Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines To Me

This past week was a little on the crazy side. David was gone all week and poor Reid was not feeling so well. So needless to say I did not get much done. I had to wait til the last minute to do anything. Thursday night I was doing the girls Valentines and making their shirt that I had intended doing earlier but oh well. They turned out fabulous, but due to my camera being knocked off the counter by my oh so lovely Abby I am unable to post any pictures. We went to see if we could get the lens fixed and it is going to cost 150.00 dolars to fix it or 150.00 to buy a brand new one....BUT they don't have any in stock and won't get any until next week. Oh well.

I did however have a great valentines with David and the kids. Today David came home with my present...Yes it is a day late but I will forgive him since it was such a great gift. Thanks honey....I LOVE YOU

Thank you for my i touch

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Heart

I just received a text from Laine's mom.....and a NEW HEART is on its way to Arkansas Children's hospital. Please keep them in your prayers the next 24 hours. God is good. You can check out their site by clicking on his name on the Right hand side of my Blog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On my the Drama

So yes all kids say funny things. But lately the girls just keep getting funnier everyday.
Here is the situation Bella has a friend over Nicole and they are playing with Abby. Bella loves notebooks and pencils and writes all the time. She calls them all her different diaries or journals. She has a math journal and a friend Diary..etc. So the story begins:
Bella: (comes running in the room): Mom, Abby bit me.
Mom: Abby get in here.
Nicole: (laughing)
Mom: Abby did you bite your sister?
Abby: Yes mom I did but it is because she pushed me.
Mom: Bella did you push your sister?
Bella: Yes, It is because she was trying to read my diary.
Mom: Abby stick your arm out. Now Bella bite your sister as hard as she bit you.
My neighbor looked at me like I was crazy..which I am most of the time ;)
Abby sticks her arm out...Bella bites her...Abby screams and runs away....

Mmmmmm..I think to myself. Are they seriously doing this....
Abby CANNOT read. Bella is missing her top 2 teeth and her bottom 2 teeth. You have got to be kidding me.
Later Friday afternoon I am playing around with the girls and am talking with them. And went over the scene from earlier in the day. When I reminded Bella that Abby can't read and told Abby that when her sister bit her it couldn't have hurt. They looked at each other and started laughing and Abby said Mom we are so silly.

Fast Forward to Monday, I pick up Abby from school and she has her daily activity sheet sent home with her. Her teacher always writes how polite and friendly she is. The bottom said how surprised she was that Abby had READ these words today: I, SEE, A, CAT, DOG, COW, BUG, ICE, PIG. I was bragging on her and than Bella said see mom she can read.