Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 weeks old

On Wedensday we ventured out a bit. I had to take REid to the doctor for a weight check he was 6lbs 14 oz. So he is gaining weight. Everytime I see our Doctor he looks at me with concern and asks if I am okay... Hmm could he remember when I showed up with Abby pretty much about to fall apart and left in tears? I told him I was fine we will see when Reid wakes up.

The girls both had Christmas parties at school. Which I did not get to attend trying to avoid exposure to germs on the little one. I told them to make sure they paid real good attention so they could give me a full report when they got home. I picjed up Abby first and asked her about her party and what they did. She responded I don't remember but we celebrated Jesus birthday not Christmas.
Bella on the other hand came home with a full report so I heard every last detail.

My long time friend Amanda was in town to see her fmaily for Christmas and she came by for a visit with her husband Matt. She got to see Reid and the girls. Bella and Abby wanted to go home with them. All the way to Baltimore. I was tempted to send them but than I would miss Christmas with them. Oh well.

We have a little Christmas shopping to do. We are going to drop all three kids off at my moms about 3 o'clock and head to Target. We have a 2.5 hour window to get down there and back before Reid wakes up hungry again.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Reid Joseph Chesnutt

At 0138 on Thursday December 4th, 32008 we welcomed Reid Joseph Chesnutt into the world.

It was a little crazy but we are all home and doing great. Just a little sleep deprived. The girls are in love with him and couldn't be prouder. We have to make a photo album for them to bring to school in the morning.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Isabella L. Chesnutt First Grade Toothless Wonder

It is offical.... after 1 1/2 years of trying and wishing and praying Bella lost her first tooth on Monday. Apparently she was the third person in her class that day to pull their own tooth. Although it wasn't the other two kids first tooth to loose. I think she watched them very closely and than said to herself, that she was not going home with that tooth still in her mouth.

Of course I was at work and didn't get to pick her up from school. She called me screaming at the top of her lungs with so much excitement that she lost her tooth. Than my mom brought her up to the hospital so I could see her. The child has not stopped smiling since she lost the tooth, and she looks in the mirror every chance she gets.

This innocent child was told by her Uncle BO that the going rate for a tooth was twenty dollars....She woke up this morning to five dollars and was perfectly happy with that. Thank goodness.

For some reason Blogger is not letting me upload pictures s o I will try again later.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

35 weeks Pregnant and Daycare

So yesterday I was officially 35 weeks Pregnant. I had an Ultrasound because my belly is only measuring 31 weeks. Well apparently he is getting what he needs because approx weight is 5lbs 7 oz. That means if he gains a pound a week I could have a large baby for me. OUCH is all I can say. We got a really cute picture of him smiling but I am way to lazy to go down stairs and scan it in on the computer downstairs and walk back upstairs and finish this post so no pics today.
After my doctors appointment David tells me he wants to go and check out The Church of the Nazarene Daycare because he wants to switch Abby there
.1. It is right by our house and close to Bella's school
2. It is about $100.0 cheaper a month.
I am freaking out because I am thinking Abby is going to have so much change coming in December that it will not be good for her emotionally and it is not a good idea.
Fast forward to today. I am at Mommy and Me and I get a call form my husband that says he is going to sign Abby up so if she wants to see her new school I should bring her up there. I left Mommy and Me to go and Stop him, because what is he thinking... Obviously not what I am thinking. So I drive up there and when we are walking in our Friend is walking out with her little girl and she decides to stay and give us a tour.....I started crying at the church because
1. Abby is happy where she is, I am happy where she is.
2. I know the owner of the other daycare and could not bare to tell them myself that we were moving Abby.So I told David Fine you do whatever you want but you have to tell them at Daycare you are moving them it is your decision not mine. So he says okay and signs her up. My stomach was in knots I am upset.. I have just left this preschool crying, yes I know I am a little hormonal and a lot lack of sleep.
On the way home I get a phone call asking me if I had heard anything about Kaleidoscope closing down?
I was up there talking to the owner for several hours on Tuesday during our dance Marathon and than again on Wednesday for Abby's Jazz class. So I run inside to check my email to see if I missed something this week or what...Yes there was an email sent out at 3:15 this afternoon informing all the parents that the daycare was closing effective November 28th. The Dance area will remain open....
All those tears and hormones for nothing. And to top it off my husband is glowing.. UGGG

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Do List

So I have been working on this long TO-DO-LIST before the baby gets here since I have started the count down till my life is turned upside down right before Christmas. But everytime I scratch something off...Somehow I have to add something else back on, I really don't get it.

So one very important thing I did get to scratch off was buying a new diaper bag that I have been looking for (I know priorities). Well I bought one and I do love it but now I am questioning the color. I was really looking at the green one and David came over and said why are you getting that color why not just Black you know that is what you really want, everything you have is black just get the black...So I did NOW I think well should I have gotten the Green or maybe the RED... Why does this matter

It doesn't BUT it helps me take my mind off all the other things I have to do. And I am awake at 4 am again trying to do some Embroidery stuff but am bored with that for right now I will finish the rest later. So if anyone cares to suggest let me know what you think.Yesterday at work while running my tail off like usual. I had two very lovely pts. But I was not very sympathetic to since
1. They were both due 4 days before me and I had to take care of them and Really I am up walking around, you can push your own I pole, No I am not lifting you up out of bed or letting you pull on me today. SORRY anyone out there that might take offense
2. One of them was having there baby... I know it is a little early but still. I wanted to be the only 35weeker that got to whine all day yesterday. HAHA
The next time I work I will try to be nicer....I think I said that last time I worked to.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catch up since we have been sick this last week

Since last Wednesday someone in this house has been sick. It has been so much fun. It started with Abby last Wednesday than hit David on Saturday and than to me on Sunday and I feel like I still have not recovered. I am tired, and David has been out of town since Monday. Ready for him to come home and take care of these children that keep running around the house calling me mom and asking me to do things for them=)

The last few weeks there has been much talk about the new baby that is going to be making an appearance at our house in the next month or so. The girls are worried that when the baby comes they are not going to get any attention.

Bella: Everyone already says how cute Abby is all the time and now when the new baby gets here, all we will hear is "Oh look how cute the baby is"

Mom: (Which is probably not PC of me and will probably regret saying this later) Oh Bella don't worry he is going to be a boy and they only stay cute so long and than they turn stinky and you will always be beautiful. What can I say it got me thru that day.

So on Saturday Bella and I had a Mommy and ME day so she called it. She was so excited last week it was all she could talk about. Well apparently she saw an ad on TV that JC Penny was having the largest sale of the season and Everything in the store was on Sale.... So she had planned our day.
We ended up having to drop Abby off since David was "Under the Weather" We went to Chick Fil La to eat lunch and than it was off to JC Penny. As we walked in the door she said look mom I was right, AS she read the big sign... Everything in the store is on Sale. She picked herself out a new dress and a velour cheetah outfit for her and Abby that matched. We also ended up with a Barbie and some Webkinz thing after I told her NO TOYS. We went to Dilly Dally's to pick out a present for her friends birthday party and than off to get our toes done.... After an hour and a half of waiting Bella was done. Out feet look beautiful though.
I am starting the count down till the baby comes now and have started a list of everything I need to get done before he comes. The list is rather long so I don't even want to look at it but I know I have to, like things like get a car seat....You know the little things. I figured if we didn't buy one and he was a fussy baby we could just leave him there since you can't bring the baby home without one....I am 34 weeks today so one month till he comes unless he decides to come sooner.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

This week was a busy one. I love this time of year. I actually LOVE Halloween. It is my second favorite holiday. So lets get started with our week.

Sunday we had our church Fall Festival it was a blast the girls absolutely loved their costumes they were both Sandy form Grease. (Bella wrote in her journal at school she was "Seedy from Grace"). There were games and camel rides and Cotton Candy and Trunk or Treating. So WARNING there will be a lot of pictures in this post.

On Tuesday at Dance the girls got to wear their costumes again and got more candy, because we were probably running low at the house by now.

Thursday we went to Mommy and me and Abby got to trick or treat at the church with friends.

Friday was Halloween. Bella had the portable pumpkin patch come to her school. Her and Abby Dressed alike of course. David was getting the girls shoes on and he attempted to put tennis shoes on Abby. Well that did not go over very well at all, since she was screaming " These shoes are not fashionable with my tights"... Yes we know she is going to be fun as a teenager..Than off to Macie Jane's birthday bash. I went all out on my costume. I went as a pregnant lady. There was a haunted garage and some new form of bobbing for apples. We left a little early to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. We started walking around the block the girls barely made it. There feet were tired of walking. WHAT.. Did my children come home with half empty buckets that were NOT full of chocolate? Obviously they were switched at the hospital.

You were warned there were a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up on last week

Last week we had the Bowmans over to eat and play. And Uncle Bo taught Bella how to ride her bike while we were waiting for the food to finish cooking. We took her training wheels off this summer when she initially wanted us to. Needless to say she hasn't riden her bike much since than becaiuse daddy told her she couldn't have them back on. She was so excited. WE decorated cupcakes (outside) not on my clean floors. The kids had a blast.

Cooper and Abby acting crazy

After our eventful night we had gone to a friends house to roast some marshmellows and let the kids play. Well they had a blast, esp Abby when she stuck her hand that was full of roasted marshmellow into her not so there hair. My first thought was to laugh and take pictures my second thought was OH MY.. what if that doesn't come out and we have to cut that hair and it has taken her FOUR years to grow the hair she has. Yes it came out with soap and water. Thank you for that.

Bella was feeling left out so she decided to try and make a mess of herself as well.

We had a baby shower which was great thrown by my friends Melody, Jennifer, and Jasmine. I got some really cute BOY stuff. Thanks to everyone who came it was wonderful to spend time with friends and family. I really don't like the pictures of myself at this point. There is just not a good angle. But here is a few from the shower. I do not mind posting pics of pther people just not myself=). If I had the baby I could bring him home now. Oh never mind he would be in the NICU but his room is ready and we have diapers and clothes. The girls are getting more excited. Everynight they kiss my growing belly and tell there baby brother how much they love him.

Also last week I had a doctors appointment. YEAH. It was a busy week delivering babies and all I do is contract while I am there so he cut back my hours at work so I am going to work 2 days a week from now on. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but after 12 hours on your feet. That is IF you get off on time. I am usually pooped and ready for bed.