Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catching up on last week

Last week we had the Bowmans over to eat and play. And Uncle Bo taught Bella how to ride her bike while we were waiting for the food to finish cooking. We took her training wheels off this summer when she initially wanted us to. Needless to say she hasn't riden her bike much since than becaiuse daddy told her she couldn't have them back on. She was so excited. WE decorated cupcakes (outside) not on my clean floors. The kids had a blast.

Cooper and Abby acting crazy

After our eventful night we had gone to a friends house to roast some marshmellows and let the kids play. Well they had a blast, esp Abby when she stuck her hand that was full of roasted marshmellow into her not so there hair. My first thought was to laugh and take pictures my second thought was OH MY.. what if that doesn't come out and we have to cut that hair and it has taken her FOUR years to grow the hair she has. Yes it came out with soap and water. Thank you for that.

Bella was feeling left out so she decided to try and make a mess of herself as well.

We had a baby shower which was great thrown by my friends Melody, Jennifer, and Jasmine. I got some really cute BOY stuff. Thanks to everyone who came it was wonderful to spend time with friends and family. I really don't like the pictures of myself at this point. There is just not a good angle. But here is a few from the shower. I do not mind posting pics of pther people just not myself=). If I had the baby I could bring him home now. Oh never mind he would be in the NICU but his room is ready and we have diapers and clothes. The girls are getting more excited. Everynight they kiss my growing belly and tell there baby brother how much they love him.

Also last week I had a doctors appointment. YEAH. It was a busy week delivering babies and all I do is contract while I am there so he cut back my hours at work so I am going to work 2 days a week from now on. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but after 12 hours on your feet. That is IF you get off on time. I am usually pooped and ready for bed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's 4D Ultrasound Pictures

Okay so today we went and had a 4D Ultrasound done. It was a load of fun. So we got a sneak peak at what Mr. Reid will look loke before he gets here.

The girls were real excited to see the pictures. Just 10 more weeks to go, if you are going by my due date...which is December 24th. I would like to believe he is coming sooner.

It has been a busy few weeks

I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy, working, sewing and more sewing and trying to get this baby's room ready. So this is a long post with lots of pictures.

And I was trying to figure out how to upload my pictures from my new camera to my computer and edit and crop them the way I wanted. And yes it has taken me this long.

I started making the girls Halloween costumes, well at least the jackets. I cut them out and embroidered "Pink Ladies" on the back of the jacket and than my dear mother came to the rescue and took them to finish.

I also worked on my crib bedding, which my mom also took and finished in no time flat. It looks fabulous. Now just to do the finishing touches to his room. I still need to go and get my crib sheet that we drove to Fayetteville on Saturday to get and they were OUT...

Last Thursday I took Abby to the pumpkin patch with our Mommy and Me group, Bela was at school and she was not happy that we did not wait for her. Sorry Bella We love you.

Friday we had Isabella's Fall carnival at school and than we were invited to a fall party at the Ceola's house. With hayrides and fun games. It was great. The girls loved the first hayride, the second one was scary but Abby insisted she wanted to ride again and she was big. Well who was the only child to scream bloody murder...Yeap mine, the one that had to stay... We went with Staci and Jonathan and Abby's "boyfriend" as she calls him Jake.
These "All About the Candy" Shirts took me FOREVER to make and I made 3 of them.

Last night was observation night at Ballet. We are there for three hours every Tuesday. from 3:45-4:40 Both girls take Jazz and Hip Hop.

4:45-5:40 Bella does Ballet and Tap
5:45-6:40 Abby does Ballet and Tap.
Yes it is a very long day but, they love it and never complain about going. So if they are happy I am happy. This is Bella's 4th year of dance and Abby's 2nd. I love watching them it makes me want to put on some shoes and dance with them.. but either I would hurt myself or a poor innocent bystander. So I will live thru them for now.