Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

Okay Reid is homeand back to his normal screaming self. Thank goodness. We got out of the hospital on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who lifted up a prayer for my sweet baby boy.
We are on sping break right now not too eventful just keeping little man inside for awhile so not to expose him to anything else right now.
While we were in the ospital we were collecting poop for his stool studies at the clinic I know i is weird but we have got to get this done. He did have more positive stool for blood so we are keeping our appointment in Little Rock on April 6th to see the Pediactric GI doctor. Becasue when he had his CBC done he was anemic also. So just keep hom in your prayers for that appointment so we can figure out what is wrong with my sweet baby.
I am so glad to be back homewith my girls I missed them so very much while I was in the hospital with Reid. So much can happen in a week.
Also got some great news about Bella she is going to take Ballet Chechetti (sp) exams on April 18th. I amso excited for her and I know she is excited as well. I was not a ballerina but I am so glad my girls are. I love taking them to class and watching them, even if it takes 5 hours out of my week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reid Update

Okay most of you already know that my sweet little Reid is in the hospital so I thought I would share this last few days with you guys.
Thursday evening I noticed he was starting to get a little congested but just chalked it up to a cold. so we went about our normal routine(apparently sharing our germs like you teach your children to do)
Friday i went to work as planned and left Reid with my dad who said since Reid didn't feel good he was just going to hold him all day. he brought him to the hospital to nurse during the day and he was about the same AS the day before. I on the other hand felt horrible. I came home from work nursed the baby and took NyQuil. Reid was up most of the night screaming so I got very little sleep.
Saturday: the girls had a birthday party to go to so David dropped them off and i went to pick them up. I than am home and laid in the bed and did not get out all day. We had the humidifier going and a Vick's steamer.
Sunday: I got up for work I noticed Reid was working hard to breathe so I had my mom stay home from church with him. she brought him up here for one of the docs to look at him. we ordered some out patient lab he came back RSV positive but he looked okay so I was going to try and treat him at home......I get home from work at 730pm David had given him one breathing treatment and he said he thought he was doing better. I listened to him and decided to give him another treatment. After that I counted his respiration's and they were 78 OMG and retracting so I called the doctor and e was able to do a direct admit which pretty much means we got to bypass the ER.
we are still here he now has double pnuemonia we are hoping to get home by friday. Just keep us in your prayers. My girls are needing us home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it has been awhile-Part 1

Okay sorry I have been gone for awhile. It has been a crazy month. I will start with our trip to Louisiana.
Me and the kids (Bella, Abby, Reid) went on a road trip with my parents to Louisiana. We went to see our family and we went to a parade. The girls had a blast they said the parades down there are soooo much more different than the ones we have in Rogers. More than they realize at this young age. LOL. I wonder what would happen if someone in Rogers lifted up there shirt and yelled "Throw me something mister" I think it would be the talk of the town. We surprised my grnadfather for his 85th birthday it was great. I need not say more. At times I thought to myself what in the world was I thinking traveling with 3 kids. But they were so good and just rolled with everything not too much complaining. The one big hic up we had was on the way down there we stoped in Mississippi to stay the night and my parents friends that went rented a hotel room. So we pulled up to this hotel/casino about 10:30 at night and there was a big sign that said no one under the age of 21 is allowed to stay on grounds....WHAT we had to drive away with 3 tired kids and find a new room. But if that was the worst that happened I can live with that. I will just post some pictures of our trip:

Friday Feb 20th:
The kids got to visit with Granny Red, Papa Ben and Lynsey. I will post about the rest of our trip tomorrow. I have a tad bit of ADD so I must move on to something else now. LOL