Friday, July 31, 2009

Can't catch a break, plus Reid's First Word

This is what happens when you get bored

Probably the biggest bows Macie has ever worn

Abby looking "fabulous"

My Turn

Two thugs in the making.

We could not keep Reid away from this glass table. All he wanted to do was pull up on the table.

The Three Amigos

So we recently went to Louisiana and Mississippi to visit family. We went and made Jelly and Barrel rolling at my uncles than switched gears and went to New Orleans and went to the Aquarium and walked around the French Quarter. While it was great to see everyone it was better to get home.

Barrel rolling down the hill
Laura, Bella, Reid, Hannah, Jordan, Macie Jane, Abby, Sarah, Jacob

Bella, Macie, Abby, Hannah and Sarah

Inside the big Shark mouth. Each one of the girls actually got to pet a small shark. It was pretty cool.
Outside the Aquarium
Outside MArgaritaville

On the way back home Reid started getting really fussy and screaming...(I had some really good food down there that had Dairy and Soy) Yes i felt horrible but come on people I am HUNGRY. I have never craved Pizza like I do right now. So I thought it was his stomach which that is probably how it started. Tuesday night he started running a fever I went ahead and went to work on Wednesday because I could just run across the street and meet my mom at the doctor. Well he had a double ear infection and red throat with pus pockets on it. So we got A ROCEphin shot and a Z pack to go. He got a lovely PINK BARBIE bandaide. David was so proud.

He ran fever all night Wednesday 102 and All day Thursday. David left to go out of town, and about 10 pm last night his temperature spiked to 103.9...very sad and 4 hours after medicating him it spiked again to 103.8 so we were sitting him in a cold bath tub with a fan blowing on him. Today we went to the doctor to get his lab work drawn to see if he needed another dose of Rocephin...Well good news he did not BUT....he is anemic his blood count it worse than it was when we first started all this dairy and soy business so apparently something is not fixed. UGGG So Monday we will be calling the Doctor again and making yet another appointment to figure out what to do next. On a good note he is gaining weight he weighted 16lbs and 4 oz.

Reid has officially said his first word......

Not Mama

Not DaDa

That's right PaPa...over and over again

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I know right what I am so excited about?

I got a new vacuum today. I have been wanting one for awhile. And today I got it.

1. It was on sale

2. They didn't have the cheaper model in stock, so they price matched this one

3. I had a 30% off coupon on top of that
When I got home with it. I opened the package put it together, registered it online for the 5 year warranty....than vacuumed my entire house. It was such a great feeling...I am in love.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Bella is SEVEN...Oh where has the time gone?

Bella turned 7 on Saturday. I am still in shock. I don't remember her getting so big.
She has lost 4 teeth so far
She is starting to ask for certain types of clothing
She will be going into 2nd grade in less than one month :(
She is the best big sister to Abby and Reid...(The girls got new beds for their new rooms and one was white the other turquoise. Bella really wanted the turq one but when Abby wanted it, she said that's okay Abby you can have it. She is always loving on Reid. She can't get enough of that little guy
She can ride a bike
She can swim
She loves to write in her journal. You give this kid a notebook and she can fill it up with songs, stories and she even has a math journal. I love it.
She can read very well, and enjoys it
She has recently started wanting to help clean and organize...hopefully this will last for awhile.
There are so many things I love about my baby girl. Even though she is getting almost as tall as me I still love holding her and rubbing her hair. I feel as I don't do it often enough. Right now she is asleep upstairs in her new playroom. Sleeping in her new jammies with a sleeping mask over her eyes as to not let the sun in.
She is getting to go to day camp at Green Valley Bible Camp this year. I will drop her off in the morning and she will be gone all day.
Bella is my sweet one. You don't have to tell her more than twice haha. if you do get onto her she melts.
When you ask her who she loved the most Mommy or Daddy she says God, than Jesus and than you. She makes me smile all the time.

Okay so for Bella's birthday she wanted to have a slumber party. I thought awesome our house will be finished we can have them all upstairs it will be great. Well the house isn't quite finished and there was no way I could have had everything the way I wanted before Bella's party. So I had her slumber party at Kaleidoscope Dance Studio. Let me tell you it was the BEST place to have a slumber party. My Friend Angela who owns a company called Gala Girlies. Came and did all the decorations and the set up. I am sop blessed to have been able to have the dance studio and Angela for Bella's party.

We had the girls arrive around 530 let them run around and play for awhile. Had pizza, face painting, dancing, bracelet making and of course popcorn and 2 movies. Yes some of these girls did stay up till 2 am. By the time parents came at 10am I was pooped and ready for some sleep. Bella and Abby feel asleep before we even got home and Abby slept until 4pm. It was a blast. I would certainly do it all again.

Bella I hope you had as much fun at your party as I had planning and watching you and your friends interact and play together.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have been so busy lately. Between vacation, this house in a huge mess from construction, my real job and my play job and these 3 crazy children I have been not the best blogger. But I am hoping that things will soon start to settle down. After Bella's birthday of course.
Bela: She will be 7, yes SEVEN on Juy 18th. My big girl. I can't believe how time is flying. She is having a slumber party this year. I made these super cute invitations that had sparkles and she informed me that the boys wouldn't like it....I had to explain to her that boys and girls dont do slumber parties together.
Abby: She had her first dentist appointment today she did so great. She is doing about the same she will be 4.5 on July 17th.
Reid: He turned 7 months on July 4th
He can crawl, he started pulling up on everything before he turned 7 months. He is into everything. I do believe he is going to be my super active chilld. I told him if he didn't stop being so advanced I would break his leg...Ask Abby she can tell you I will post some pics later I don't have the energy now