Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

So after Christmas I will catch up on my blogging Esp Reids party. We got hit with sickness and all of my holiday rush orders and just life I am soooo behind.
But for now have a Merry Christmas

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Friday, December 4, 2009

HaPpY bIrThDaY

Oh my how time flies. I am a ittle saddened today knowing that my last baby is already one. I feel like he is only 6 months old simply becasue I do not remember the first six months of his life. It is all a tad bit too blurry. No i was not on drugs....It was purley lack of sleep with 2 other kids. You are so loved little monkey. Lets see:

You are soooooo very different from your sisters...yes they were active, well at least I thought they were, until you came along. You are into EVERYTHING. On a daily basis you empty out at least thress different cabinets 6 or more times each. I can not keep anything picked up long enough before you are onto your next adventure.

You are super, super allergic to eggs...and have a little GI bleeding with the milk and soy that they say will be better after you turn tomorrow you should be fine :P

You are a very good boy....I was so afreaid to put up the christmas tree and so far so good...You walk up to the tree, look at it and point we say no and you walk away (fingers crossed) you will stay that way.
You weight a little over 18lbs, but since you have been sick the last two days I am sure you weigh less today.

We have already turned you around in your carseat, I think you are happier that way.

I would not EVER choose to relive the last year but I am sad to see it has gone by so quickly.

Your sisters love you so much.
You can say :
daw (DOG)
Woo (Woof)
Ah...That means alot of different things....Pretty much if you say this your sisters....and your papa...will take you to whatever you want. It is sooooo stinking funny.