Monday, November 30, 2009


As always it never fails as I am finally getting caught up and coasting in.....I get sick and am down for days. So now I am sooo behind. I have so much to do this week it is crazy....Yes I am procrastinating right now. We have a BIG...HUGE event this week. Reid is turning one..Seriously ONE already. I feel like he is only about 6 months old because that is all I really remember anyways...AM I Right? I am making everything..even the cake because why? Oh yeas he would be the one who is allergic to milk, soy and Eggs....Ahhh the lucky mom :) Anyways I hope to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow if little monkey cooperates with me...I am doing most of it for him!!!

I am also doing an open house, well 2 this weekend, for my business...Yes I am insane. Thursday and Friday is in my neighborhood and Sunday is in my friends neighborhood. Oh did I mention Bela and Abby are also in the Bentonville Christmas parade on Saturday...MMMM I wonder what else I can squeeze in I am sure I have a few 30 minutes blocks throughout the week.

Who has time for my real job? I guess I am going to have to squeeze a day of work in there as well.

Hope everyone has a productive week this week also.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We have a walker...

So I have a feeling that in the next few weeks my house is going to go from a wreck to a total wreck...He is offically walking all over the place. He can stand up from the sitting position and go from one mess to another. He is so happy when heis walking like he is so proud of himself. Oh and the girls love it!!! They love having hom walk from one sister to the next. Live entertainment all the time.

We had some family pictures made on Sunday ,yes in the rain, and after these are some I got I love these this is our life everyday....And how awesome Reid is crying LOL.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival

So I am a little behind on the posting. It has been so crazy that is new or something. Ha! So e will start with hte Fal cArnival we had at our Church on Sunday October 25th. It was only a week ago but Whew...alot has happened. So our Family costumes were Hippies and Love Child. Abby did not want to be a hippie..she wanted to be a "Love Child" like Reid. I am a little partial but I love the way they turned out!!! It was so hard to choose what pictures to put on here so there will be a ton of pictures. I can't believe how beautiful Bella looked. I saw my little girl grow up in these pictures and I am not ready for that at all.....

All these girls can't keep there hands off of the Love Child..HaHaMy Granny Red head was in town to see all of the kiddo dressed up. Bella sai she was the luckiest girl in the world becasue her Granny stayed the night withus. Such a sweet girl. She alo came to dance class to see the girls dance. We will see her again n March when we head to Louisiana for a wedding.