Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Well First off to get the funnies out of the way. Tonight David was playing with the girls and running around the house as I was laying on the couch counting the contractions I am having. He starting talking to Bella and this is how it went:

David: Bella is your mommy nice?

Bella: Well she's Pregnant.

I didn't think it was so funny but, the rest of my family did because they were totally busting a gut.

So I go to the doctor in the am, yea I am so excited. I get to find out how much more weight I have gained and I get to get the ole check a roo since I have been contracting and will be 28 weeks tomorrow. So much to look forward to.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been tagged by Rachel. Thanks so much for welcoming me to the Blog world as you put it. HaHa.

1. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse, and for the most part love my job. The only problem is I have an amazing Gag reflex. Certain smells kill me. So I always chew gum at work in case...well you know.

2. When I was graduating Jr high (8th grade) my husband David, was graduating COLLEGE. Talk about cradle robber. I always say after his graduation he was driving by the local Jr highs picking out his future wife... Gross I know.

3. I absolutely Love to cook, my problem is that I really don't like to touch raw meat and than have to eat it. So if I have to touch the meat I will just eat something else. And when you cook ground meat it looks kinda like worms.

4. I loving sewing, and making things for my girls, and now for my future son. I will say not as much fun for the boy, but I am trying.

5. I have a sick sense of humor. I love dirty jokes. I can always count on my friend Anna to give me a laugh. I guess being a nurse kinda desensitises you.

6. ONE, girl at my work, yes just one thinks that I am very intimidating. I laugh because my kids run a way laughing at me sometimes because they are so scared of me.

7. I am not a morning person. I could sleep all day if my family would let me. I could stay up till 3 am in the morning. Yet when I tried to work a night shift a few months ago and fell asleep in my chair at 5 am.

I tag: Melody, Beth, Dallas... I know it is supposed to be 7 but......I can only count to ten and 10-7 is THREE...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Sweet Bella

Tonight after rushing home from our 3 hour dance marathonlike we do every Tuesday.
After Baths and Homework and Dinner.

My mom is spending the night since David is Out of Town Again. Bella decided she wanted to sleep with me so we can have a Chat Chat.

Before she closes her eyes, she wants to kiss my belly like she does every night. She starts talking to the baby, Reid. She says :

"Reid I will always love you. Even if you hit me on accident or on purpose, I will always love you. I hope you come out cute before you grow up to be a stinky boy."

Bella pats my belly and kisses it. "I love you baby Reid."

"Mom she says he will come out cute to start with right?"

"Yes, I said he will come out cute."---I hope I wasn't lying to her.

I must add both of my girls are very fascinated with my growing body. They give their brother kisses every chance they get. It is so sweet.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am officially THIRTY

As hard as this is to write, I have no choice... I am Thirty today.

Yes, I remember when 30 was old. I thought my birthday would go a little differently than it has this year, but that was last year when I was imagining what it would play out to be. In my dream I wasn't 27 weeks pregnant, David and I were out of town together on a fun get away, not just him on a get away with work.

Oh well, plans change. Today I woke up drove my sweet girls to there two different schools came home and laid in the bed thinking if I could just sleep for an hour I would get up and do something productive. Well, I never went back to sleep so, I picked up chick fi la and surprised Bella at school and had lunch with her.

I than thought for some good reason, I might go shopping and buy myself something.... Nothing fits, so that was a bust. I was about to pee my pants so stopped by my sisters and ended up looking for Halloween costumes for the girls. They would like to be the Pink Ladies from Grease. Since nothing will fit them, I with the help of my mother will be making them.

Than I got a great phone call that would turn my day around. Derek, called to tell me that David had called him and he was at Bedfords buying my camera if I wanted to meet him up there I could. (David was already in big trouble because he had not purchased this already). I got my CAMERA today so I am so excited.

We met my parents for dinner at Cafe Rue Orleans, I thought wow, they rented the whole place out just for me, because it is my day. Not the case. They just aren't that busy.

Melody called after we had gotten home from cheer leading practice and brought me over a cake. Mind you it was chocolate cake and the girls just got out of the bath....Oh well could have been worse. IT was a great cake I am sure that is what we will be having for breakfast in the morning. Thanks Mae Mae, it is always great to be able to sit around and do a little "girl chat chat" as Bella and Abby call it.

Now both of the girls are asleep right beside me and it is quite. Ahhhhh. Now only to make myself fall asleep.
Good night

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Games, Games and more Games

As we were getting ready to go to Bella's game we decided we probably needed to go see Tucker play one of his soccer games since we were not having conflicting games today. So we got ready early and headed to Bentonville. We didn't see him play because he had team pictures and they were running behind and we had to head across town to get to Bella's game. But we did get a cute picture of Tucker and Abby. After the picture we asked Tucker if it hurt to take the pic and of coarse he said YES.

Off to Bella's cheer leading game. We had all 7 girls show up today and Bella did really good. She said she really like cheer leading because "they get lots of snack breaks way more than the football players." Abby was a little disappointed because she didn't get to stay with the girls and cheer so she stood on the sidelines, of the sidelines and cheered. There Nanny came to watch the girls eat snacks, I mean CHEER.We than left Bella's game to go and catch Macie Jane's game since our weekends are crazy these days. We did cheer for Macie but since we missed Coopers game we got pictures of Bella and Coop in there uniforms. Never miss a photo op. All the kids did really good.Cooper wanted his Nanny Ashdown to take them to the Halloween store, I told Bella and Abby No we aren't going with them, they never get to see their Nanny AShdown they need to spend some time with her. Bella looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Mom, we never get to see our Nanny Ashdown either, I've only met her a few times." I couldn't argue with that. So of we go to the store and they adopted her for the trip. We picked out what we are going to be for Halloween, apparently "Grease" is going to be our them this year. We got the sunglasses for the costumes, that my Bella told me that we probably could find them for cheaper online or something. Cooper and Tucker got guns. Than they took a group picture saying that Nanny Ashdown Rocks...

Happy almost 30th Birthday to ME

Well I can say yesterday was a rather weird day. I came out of my delivery to go check on my other pt who was laboring with twins. Long story but they caled a C/S so I was preparing to not get out of work anytime soon. Than I heard someone say Happy Birthday Kerri, finish your charting and get out of here. I was confused becasue people DO NOT come in early for you or take over when you are about to go do a C/S.

So I thought well what does David have planned for me? So I called him and told him that someone hadc ome in early for me sooo I wanted to go shopping for my birthday present that he has not gotten me yet...(another story). He said no come home and we can go to dinner and a movie we can go anywhere you want. Well now with my indecivife pregnancy state I ask for suggestions.

I ended up choosing Copelands, that way I could get steak or seafood and an amazing desert if I wanted which I am sure I was going to want. All I could think about was the desert. Since I had only had a slice of pizza for the day.

So we go to Copelands and it is busy I kept thinking OMG I have to have something to eat like now or I might just blow away, and we were never going to get a table. Well we did we had a table already full of great friends and family. All there for ME.

Thanks to everyone that came it was a great time.

When we got home I was sure both kids would be asleep since we had gotten a babysitter and it was 945. Well this is what we came home to:Of course Bella would be asleep and Abby would still be awake. She never sleeps. We can drive in the car forever and Bella will be asleep and Abby will still be talking away.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Little Cheerleader

Saturday Isabella had her first cheer leading game, for flag football. When we were talking about signing her up she wanted to because her cousin Cooper was going to be playing flag football and she could cheer for him. We have our schedule and she does not cheer not even ONE game for him.
She than asked "Mom, what is a cheerleader?" I explained: Like the girls on the field at the Razorback games. She than got a big smile because she than thought she was going to be cheering for the Razorbacks, I had to break it to her she wasn't.

She did really good for only having two practices and having a mother who was not a cheerleader. Oh by the way did I mention that I am supposed to be the assistant coach? No, I was told I just have to help with the devotions and potty breaks. I know some of you were laughing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Okay I think it is time..

So I have had a site since last year and still have not posted anything so I am going to give this a try. We will see how good I am at this. I didn't want to start posting until I had a cute background like everyone else.... but I thought well lets see if I can actually use this thing before I buy a background. Everyone has told me how easy it is to Blog so here we go.

We will start with today, and see if this helps my current memory problems I seem to be having. (I have no blood pumping to my brain right now).
Here is a picture of our first "BOY" outfit we purchased for our new baby coming in December. Picked out by his Big Sisters.