Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leighton Needs Prayers

Just wanted to let everyone know that Leighton is needing our prayers more than ever now. He is listed on the transplant list for a new heart. Just keep him and his sweet mommy and daddy in your prayers.

Ice Storm 09

What more could any kid ask for, SNOW DAY or SNOW WEEK. Little do they know at this age that they will be making up this week during the summer months when they could be swimming in the warm sun. It really hasn't been to bad it has actually been fun the kids haven't driven me too crazy. I am not sure I could get any crazier at this point anyway.
Tuesday the kids wanted to play in the snow as they called it but it really was just ice. They didn't last too long but they loved being home anyways. Reid's first ice/snow. He had a blast staying nice and warm inside. I thought it would be cute to dress hom up and take his picture in the ice/snow. Than I changed my mind. He looked way to content in his bouncy chair.

Bella lost another tooth. Her top one. One more to go and she will be toothless.

Wedensday Papa came to the rescue and came and picked me and the kids up to go have some fun and get out of the house since David went to work. We had so much fun. The girls really wanted to go sledding but we had no sled so we got a laundry basket and tied a rope to it and pulled the girls around. I had a flash back to the Biggest Looser when Jillian takes a rope and makes the contestants pull her across the floor. I felt like I was getting a work out. I had a blast playing with the girls. My mom was keeping Reid so we could have a whole lotta fun. Yes that is me in the laundry basket also. I didn't want to be left out.


We were able to sleep in a little bit but than the girls were once again wanting to go outside and play so they went around the corner to go to a friends house. LAter in the day we lost power thank goodness I had to hold the baby the whole time which means I stayed warm:) We got home and Bella lost ANOTHER tooth so she now is missing al four front teeth. She looks pretty silly but she can't stop looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. Reid is 8 weeks today and growing and eating all the time. I swear he eats every 2 hours around the clock.

Here's to a great Friday. No telling what it can bring to us.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh My Never A Dull Moment

This post was originally going to be all about Reid. I guess Abby got wind of it and had a plan to change my plan .
So lets start with Friday:
Morning :
I pick out Bella's clothes she puts on what I give her and is fine. I try to pick out Abby's clothes and it is not is not fashionable so I decided today I will let her wear what she wants....Than came the sock issue...(Dear GOD help me with this blessing of a child you have given me.) No seams they bother her. See this is why at church you will probably NEVER see her with tights on.

Reid : He was just sitting there wide eyed thinking OMG what kind of family did you give me???

So than we have our doctors appointment. All was well. He weighed 9lbs 8oz and was 22 inches long. He is growing we are so happy. Now the poop issue that I have been obsessing about. I tell the Dr. he than looks at me and says will you believe me if I tell you that it means nothing...I said NO. Because that is not normal poop for a newborn breastfeed baby. His response is: Well whatever keeps your mind active. UGGGG. Oh well so we go home and I have been off Dairy for 12 days now I change his diaper and holy cow we have YELLOW poop. I Knew I was right. So Abby comes home from school with her crown and Reid was sleeping so she so gently placed it on his head so I had to take a picture for his daddy, because I knew he would be so proud. Look at those chubby little legs.

This afternoon I had come home from Beth's shower and I was sitting on the couch feeding Reid and I hear a scream coming from the kitchen (where David was, I might add) I asked did she hit her head he said no I think she just fell on her bottom. He than put his hand on her head and found blood. So it looked like it would need some attention so off to the ER we go with Abby screaming I don't want to go to the hospital. We arrived and she was fine except for the blood and gash in her head. She was fine as long as no one came in the room that resembled a medical person.
They put some numbing cream on her wound and we waited 1 hour for it to soak in and than 4 nurses came in with the nurse practitioner to staple her head. She was absolutely ballistic they had to wrap her in a sheet so she would be still. Now I know that I have been on the other end as a nurse having to hold someones child down. I went to had the nurses Abby and I thought I might loose it there for a second but I had to be brave for her. They asked me if I wanted to step out but I said no I need to be here for her...They asked me several more times. I said NO I am staying in her I am a nurse and I am staying. My poor baby first a broken leg now staples in her head.

Than she asked what hospital I worked at...WHAT...She obviously did not know who I was..Haha. Anyways Abby is fine she has 2 staples in her head. She wanted to see the blood but couldn't see it in the mirror so I took a picture so she could see it. She said I can't believe it I have Staples in my head.

Bella was so worried about her sister I am glad her Nanny came to get her I think she would have been completely traumatized if she would have been there for the staple placement.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Abby's Birthday Party and This Week

Well since David got stuck it was a little crazy. My parents ended up getting the girls Friday night from me so that I would just have Reid in the morning. About 10 pm Friday night I called them and asked if they could bring my sweet baby girls home and come and take this baby with them. I also really didn't want Abby to go with them Since Saturday wsas her actual birthday I wanted her to wake up at home so I could see her. But she wanted no part of that plan.

David did make her party he was just a little late. It was a great time with that big mouse. The only party foul that was made was made bt me. They called all the kids up to dance with Chuck E and the girl plugged in the CD player and I was backing up trying to get a good picture of the kids dancing with the mouse. They were dancing and having fun and all of a sudden the music stopped: I was wonderinf wgat happened: Oh that was me I had just tripped on the plug and unplugged the CD player. I tired to blame it on Melody W. but for some reason no one believed me. Oops...

We had a bunch of tokens left over, because I wasn't as organized as I needed to be, but next time we go to Chuck E Cheese we can go eat somewhere else and than let the kids tear it up and play games for hours.

Tuesday the girls were so excited about going to dance becasue Mrs. Laine was going to be there to teach dance. But Leighton develpoed a fever and is not doing so well so she needed to stay in Little ROck with her little man. Please keep them in your prayers. They were told last week they might get to go home in 2-3 weeks but now they said he may have to stay until his next surgery. It is a roller coaster everyday for them. It makes me want to run home and kiss my babies and thank God they are healthy.

Abby was overly tired when getting ready for dance today and did not want her picture taken so of course I had to take a picture of the way she looked..well what you can see. Bella on the other hand was very happy of coarse. Reid was content in his carseat for a while and we were off for our marathon of dance.

When we got home from dance I pumped and Reid got his first bottle. He did so wel with it I was very surprised since Abby refused the bottle at every attempt we gave it. It kinda hurt my feelings. Oh well at least he will behave for my dad.
Wedensday was a good day as well. The girls were up and ready to go to school and Reid and I had a PJ day for most of the day. I haven't had one in awhile so it as great to just snuggle for a little bit. Just thought I would t

Than it brings me to today... Ahh I am so glad it is over. Abby was a good child for the most part. Although I didn't have to fight with her for clothes today I just let her wear whatever she wanted. Which I was glad it was nice outside today. Reid on the other hand was a pistol pretty much all day. I wanted to trade him in. The only time he was happy today was when he was being held. Glad Christie and Tucker came over to take a turn.