Thursday, March 18, 2010

Competition and some Extra's

We had another exciting week this week. Abby had her first soccer practice and she loved it but she was sad that she had to miss one of her dance classes. Macie Jane had worked with Abby and when she was at practice everyone was shocked she had not played soccer before.

Move onto Sunday and spring forward an hour + competition + 2 girls = CRAZY

So Sunday morning I was awoken by 2 very excited girls @ 4am...Yes this is not a typo 4am.

Which I promptly sent them back to bed for an hour. We had to be at the Competition ready by 7 am. Very sad for me. We made it and we were actually EARLY. My girls did an amazing job. I was a very proud mama.

Abby's dance got First Place Elite Platinum

Bella's dance got First Elite Gold

It was our dance studio's first year to do competition and everyone did such a wonderful job. I also realized we are exactly where we should be. As a mother some of the music and costumes were soooo inappropriate. I know to each there own but I am blessed to have found such a wonderful dance studio for my girls!!!!

Monday : David and I packed up with some friends and headed back to Kansas City to see Bon Jovi in Concert. We had a great time and it was great to sit at dinner not chasing a kiddo around or trying to strap hi back in his high chair. My phone was dead at the concert but I did get a photo of David and I before we left. Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids. What a great birthday present I gave my dad:)

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Grubb Family said...

The girls looked beautiful for their dance competition. Now I know what we're missing by Keira having dance classes from the Wlamart Fitness Center! However, it's probably right where she needs to be since she has my gracefulness and will probably never be a great dancer. I'll just be happy if she doesn't walk into walls and doors!! Haha! Glad you guys had a great time at the concert, you looked gorgeous!!!